Monday, December 1, 2008


Travian is a medieval style game where you build an empire starting with one village. You build up your village, resources, and military to develop your power. In the village, you can develop buildings which will let you research, expand, and improve your living conditions. The resources map allows you to bring in more resources every hour to increase the amount of buildings or units you can build every day. Military allows you to attack and raid other villages while defending your villages. Once you get large enough, you can expand to several villages. Team up with your friends or new friends in an alliance to increase your power, or try to build your strength on your own. Travian is an addicting game which will keep you coming back several times each day. It gives you many options of how to develop your villages. You will enjoy your time building your empire.

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Cosmin said...

It's a nice game but avoid getting caught into it :) It can get very addictive.

sneha said...
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